I have a feeling I’m also going to get a mayo related nickname now. I already get called bacon girl by one of the medics because every time he is there I am cooking bacon for breakfast. I have a long list of nicknames like Sidewall, roomba, little one/bit, etc. Why not add more.

Hahaha oh man. I can only imagine what crazy-ass nicknames I could possibly accumulate when I finally get into a fire department. There’s a guy in my favorite FD at central station… Someone called him Grubworm in his rookie days, and it’s stuck with him ever since. I honestly feel bad, I can’t remember his real name, I just call him Grubworm! He’s a young guy, too, so it might be a while before he can shake it off, bless him.

So far, the nicknames I’ve earned are:
•Red-Headed Devil*
•Fishnet (short for Fishnet, Fishnet, Fisher of Men)*

Red is my favorite, even though it’s admittedly the simplest and least imaginative. I’m honestly surprised I’ve never been called Little Orphan Annie (and super glad I’ve never been called anything carrot or copper related!).

*These two may not entirely count because I got them when I worked at the police department. My favorite officer was a gunnery sergeant in his Marine days. Crazy Marine, crazy nicknames. Haha :)





Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair


this man has gone too far

He does such a good job too

Can he please braid my hair every day??